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yo [22 Dec 2003|10:41pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey...family events have taken sort of a dramatic turn, but I'll try to be online sometime tomorrow. I'll also try to answer as many comments and muse responses as I can, but if I can't, please don't take offense. It's not that they haven't been read and taken to heart; there's just...well, a lot of stuff to plan. Christmas, and also Ashley's funeral. But I'll do my best.

It's cold in here, and there's an enormous fly on the screen.

Huggbees to all! *distributes lots of Christmas-scented hugs*

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a few quick things [19 Dec 2003|10:22pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I probably won't be online until at least Tuesday, maybe Wednesday, because a) my mom and I will be making the 950-mile drive to Kentucky tomorrow ^_^;; and b) Toni will be having her babies Monday (unless she has them this weekend, of course). BABIES! ^_^

I do have a quick request, though. I was wondering if somebody could take a look at my response to the first post in here and tell me if I'm being an idiot or not. I'm not comment whoring - just making this post feels, you know, really weird for me. ^_^; I'm just curious, and I'd like to see what my fellow hosts think.

Thankies, and so much loff to the hosts! *bows, loves on everybody, then goes off to finish packing for real*

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[19 Dec 2003|06:47pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Ananda is meeeeeeean...;_;

Is she usually like that, or does she just not like Izlude? XD

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::sigh:: [19 Dec 2003|08:45am]

Just wanted you all to know, that no matter what, I love you all.

We all love each other. We're all good friends. None of us are out to purposely hurt each other. We'd all do well to remember that.

I'd have more to say, but I need to get to class now! Bye! ::hugs all around::
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[18 Dec 2003|09:00am]

[ mood | EVIL ESSAY RAWR ]

*sigh* Ok. This may be the first post, it may not. Frankly, does it matter? (And yes, this is procrastination at its finest ladies and gents ^_~)

Firstly, you know what? I'm GLAD that this situation has finally blown up. It has been simmering for WAY too long, and for it to finally be out in the open is a relief. Please bear with ranty, tired Rin. She has not slept in forever, she is still doing the essay from HELL and she has soooo much to do it is unbelievable. She is also now talking about herself in the third person. Hmmm.

This has been a problem for a while. No one will deny that. But you know, someone said to me "You don't wait for a place to be made for you. You make a place for yourself." I am not denying that this is hard for those of you who are not on MSN as much as the students/insomniacs/Ferris Bueller. What I am saying is, do you expect us to give up our place so you can step into it?

Because, you know, we tried that. Four founder members of the Lair pissed off back to their respective communities, posted their plots and drama's and so on there and did not sully the Lair for a good what, two weeks? Occasional icon posts, but nothing like we usually do. And we watched. And we waited. And no one really made the Lair what, for me, constitutes the Lair in our absence. There was no real interaction, no arguements, no...anything. It was dying a slow death. And none of us wanted that. So we came back. We gave it another go and the second we did, this happened. I can't speak for the other three, but I just feel now like I can't post anything to do with my muses, otherwise people will get snippy.

I love you all dearly. Perhaps too much. ^_~ But, you know, this has to stop. I love all your muses. My muses, for the most part, love interacting with yours. But you know what? I'm not going to censor what they say. The sticking point here is a muse will generally have different thoughts and opinions to that of their host. Those of you who talk to me know that YES! HELLO! I can be a BITCH! But you know what? 9 times out of 10, I'm not. Because I'm scared of hurting people and offending. Even here, where fucking net anonimity means I never have to talk to any of you again if I don't want to. But I do want to. That's the thing.

Generally, with me, a muses opening post will show you what they are like. For God sake, look at Ili and Laios'. Can anyone here say pissy, argumentative bitches? Yes, they are jerks. But I love them. For as long as they've been here, I've never let them really let go. But after the last time this issue came up, a conscious decision was made by me. This is how they are. This is how they work and if I'm not going to let that come through, I risk Ilithya turning into some little prissy princess who is so fucking loved up she can't see past the man in her life and Laios will just become a whiny arsehole. No. They are not like that.

They argue. They bitch. They bitch out EVERYONE. Ask the other hosts whose muses they interact with the most. They're rude, bitchy, twisted and that is how they will stay. They are MUSES, they are not a reflection on the host. Yes, every muse of mine has a little bit of me in them, but can anyone really see me as a murdering rapist like Mackenzie? What about Ay- ok, not a good example. ^_~ But you know what I mean.


This is strange, but to me, a muse is a person, kinda. They will not like everyone, and if you insult them, they will bite back and they will bite back as hard as they can. Does anyone, truly, expect a post which bitches out everyone in general not to go answered by a pissy muse?


*sigh* Up until just now, I have kept quiet. But this needed to be said. Please try and see that this is meant to be fun. Yes, I talk to Ref and Abby and Mel almost constantly. Yes, I have bizarre plots going on. But you know what? All the deaths/romances/cheese stem off from that. They are plots which come from other plots, not just seperate 'let's kill off Terry!' plots, to use an example. Abby has been setting that up for MONTHS. (You bitch. ^_~) And I didn't even know about it until it happened and then I realised. Everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING.

I think I'm rambling and repeating myself. I apologise for that. But now I REALLY need to work. *sigh* I hope everything blows over, I really do. Because, you know, the Lair used to OWN me. I want it to own me again.

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